Cloudy DayWhat is a fake picture? Some would say doing anything to the picture after it is taken makes it fake. Others think you can push as many pixels and that is fine. I fall somewhere in the middle. I do believe that some degree of correction or assistants is need to most pictures. But changing the color of a flower to match your couch might fall more into the art realm than photography.

Where ever you fall some degree of modification slash enhancement takes most pictures from being forgettable to WOW. Scott Bourne from This Week In Photography wrote a great post on how to make a picture better in under 90 seconds. Now quick heads up he uses Aperture a Mac only photo organizing/light touch up program in his article. But as a Lightroom user I was able to take many things away from his tutorial. Even if you want to be as naturalist, like someone who does not use deodorant, it is always learn something new.

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