So you have a DSLR, more than likely it came with a kit lens, probably something like a 3.5 – 5.6 18 to 70mm zoom lens. Now you are ready to go hunting and take those award winning pictures. But for some reason, your pictures don’t look as great as you would like. What went wrong? It is your lens.

Gary Voth wrote a very good article on his blog Gary Voth Photography about the forgotten 50mm lens. Back in the days of film the kit lens that came with your new camera was the 50mm. In the article Gary explains why the kit zoom lens are not ideal for people who bought their DSLR to take pictures of their kids. Gary’s article is not just for beginners but also for the seasoned amateur who just need a refresher or a reason to buy a new lens.

“Beyond their sometimes dubious optical performance, my major criticism of these lenses is their slow speed. Many of the world’s most evocative and best known images were made under natural light with fast lenses and film. Creating such images is nearly impossible with “slow” zoom lenses, which are harder to focus and inadequate for use indoors without flash.”

Why You Should Ditch That Zoom for a Classic 50mm “Normal” Lens via []