1qikpic.com is your one stop photography related blog. It is my aim to provide photography related content to fellow shutter bugs. I am an amateur photographer who is learning about this craft. All the articles that I post on this site are ones that I read and think that everyone should read.

My format for this blog is to post an new article Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Fridays I will post a video related to photography.

Please feel free to email me any articles that you find and think others should read.

Ultimately I want to help “close the creative gap” for myself and others. The creative gap is what you want your work to be and what it really is. This can be writing, video, audio, drawing, photography or whatever. And I hope to close the gap of what I want my pictures to look like at what they really are. This blog along with the vast amount of information out there will help but ultiately it is about getting off our butts and taking pictures.